National Wireless Infrastructure


ITPT is the wireless industry's best choice for Nationwide Commercial Title Search and Commercial Property Transaction Services.


Providing title services for commercial properties is inherently complex in nature. The ability to perform work that accurately accounts for the combination of the Wireless Industry's focus and the specific requirements of Commercial Real Estate has become its own unique, niche industry. A Title Report can be the determining factor of a site project's feasibility which puts us at the center of that industry.


Our title services are tailored to meet the requirements of all project types and can be fully customized to the specific needs of our customers. Whether your project is a Built to Suit, Co-Location, New Tower Construction, Tower Portfolio Acquisition, or Site Lease, Core Info Services, ITPT is fully equipped to meet your needs. We are accustomed to becoming partners with Carriers, Tower Owners, Site Acquisition Companies, Wireless Engineering Firms, Turnkey Companies or any combination therein. Our services are focused on total collaboration and can coordinate information exchange between all groups involved in the build-out project.


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